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Breakfast in Elegance

The temptation of rich aroma, the touched flavor on your taste
You must have some experiences and memories
About these delicacy and cuisines.
Let’s share the joy.

Western breakfast is available

Breakfast time Ordinary 07:00AM-10:00AM / Holiday (including long holidays) 08:00AM-10:00AM
Special Facilities
  • All guestrooms own HD LCD TV for watching digital channels.
  • In First Floor, there is a parking lot and parking personnel to serve you.
  • Free ADSL broadband network is available in 24 hours.
  • Internet Service center for free and 24-hour service.

Surrounding Spots

Bishanyan Temple

Bishanyan Temple is located at No.24, Bishan Road, Neihu District. It is also called Bishan Temple and Ding Jian Kai Zhang Sheng Wang Temple. This temple worships Chen Yuanguang, the Kai Zhang Sheng Wang and it is the biggest temple in Taiwan that worshipping Chen Yuanguang. Bishanyan Temple is at the mountainside of Zhong Yong Mountain, embraced on three sides by hills; looking out from here, you can see Taipei basin and overlook Danshui river; there are stairs next to the temple for getting up on Zhong Yong Mountain.

  • Driving for about 20 minutes
  • |
  • 5.7 km

Dahu Park

Dahu Park is located at Chenggong Road, Neihu District. Dahu lake is also named egret lake, for wild ducks, birds and egrets taking here as habitat. Dahu Park faces Wuzhi Mountain and Zhongyong Mountain, used to be a secluded mountain lake; in 1979, due to the residents’ demand, it was developed to be a natural park.

  • Driving for about 13 minutes
  • |
  • 4.4 km

Martyrs’ Shrine

Martyrs’ Shrine is located beside the Grand Hotel One the back it is Chingshan Mountain, and on the front it is Keelung River. It was founded in 1969, covering a large area and the building style is mainly based on the construction of Taihe Palace in the Beijing Palace Museum, showing a grand and magnificent style and symbolizing dauntless sacrifice spirits of martyrs. Around the Martyrs’ Shrine, there is a green land covering over 10,000 square-foot. Contrasting with mountains around, it creates a quiet and solemn atmosphere, which emphasizes the solemnity of the shrine. A big feature here is Guard shifting ceremony, which is worth seeing.

  • Driving for about 9 minutes
  • |
  • 4.1 km

Miramar Ferris Wheel

New landmark for Taipei night view. Taking ferris wheel, you can watch the night view of Neihu. Beyond the convenience of shopping, there are also famous pubs with many boisterous parties. It becomes a new place for enjoying night life in Taipei.

  • Driving for about 5 minutes
  • |
  • 1.5 km

Tourist Spots Nearby

Flower fair, Yangmingshan National Park, Xinbeitou Hot Springs, 101, Xinyi District, Dinghao Business District in Eastern area, Taipei Palace Museum, Yuanshan Mountain, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall


 Address: 1F., No.325, Section. 1, Neihu Road, Neihu District, 114 Taipei, Taiwan

This hotel is located in Neihu Science Area, facing the Miramar Entertainment Park. We provide you a high quality accommodation environment, perfect hardware and software facilities, humanized service and 28 different rooms with refined design and new decoration to meet the needs of visitors from anywhere; also we provide free parking lot. With the best service and experiences, we believe that Elegance Hotel will become your best accommodation choice.

Transportation Guide

  • Leave from the Zhongshan Tiding exit of national road
  • Go along with Huandong Avenue
  • Turn right to Gangqian Road and then go straight
  • Turn left to Neihu Road and go straight for 500 meters to the hotel
  • From Taipei city, go towards the direction of Dayi and Neihu until Yuanshan Mountain
  • Turn right to Bei’an Road and then go straight to Mingshui Road
  • Turn left to Jihu Road
  • Turn right to Neihu Road and go straight for 200 meter to the hotel
  • Or along with Bei’an Road, then turn left to Neihu road and pass the circular crossroad to the hotel

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